“Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower.” – Alan Kay

Welcome to the Tech issue. Technology is the heartbeat of our business and we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure our content offering is up to our standards. We had a productive and insightful visit to the Pixellot HQ in Tel Aviv, as we continue to find ways to improve our tech. We also celebrated crossing 160 000 app downloads, a significant milestone only halfway through the year.

In this month’s newsletter, we want to focus on giving you a better understanding of the underlying Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology used in the production of games from our Pixellot cameras. For me, this is arguably the most exciting initiative of our business. This area has also been where the most of our criticism has come from, and understandably so.

Despite the criticism, below are a few strategic reasons for rolling out the AI tec:

  • Scalability – To roll out the project to the number of schools we want to reach, we need to find solutions that will not need a lot of human intervention to produce games.
  • Hardware improvements – the zooming capability of the lenses in the camera will improve over time, resulting in improved-quality productions
  • AI Software upgrades – When KPI’s are identified where the AI gets the production wrong consistently, programming code can be written to identify these patterns and then be forced to produce that pattern of play correctly.
  • Full data set of a match – The four lenses of the camera is calibrated to capture the content from the full court or field. This raw data is then used by the AI software to track the ball and produce the game. When a new version of the AI software is released the Video on Demand (VOD) production of the game will look completely different to the previous software version’s VOD production.
  • PANO – having the full data set of a match available, you have the option to watch the VOD game either in the traditional HD mode (produced by the AI software) or in a panoramic mode (PANO) where you have access to the raw data and can determine where you want to focus on during the game. You don’t have to follow the ball and become the producer. Coaches can follow specific players which might not be on screen if you watch it in HD mode.
  • Future data analysis – Currently the AI software can trace the ball. It will be very soon that players can be tagged enabling you to track a specific player for the full game. Speed and distances run by players or teams collectively, might be available in future. Not only of future games, also of the games where the raw data has already been captured.

I hope that you will have patience with us on this journey. We know that the AI software can miss important moments that you care about most.  We hope that you understand that we can only provide you with this content using this affordable and scalable solution, understanding that it has future benefits that we might not even think about today. What an exciting world we live in!

– Gerhard Steyn


Pixellot has partnered with ITV Africa and Nashua to build and support the SuperSport Schools project. Pixellot’s products have a low bandwidth requirement which provides great results in low coverage areas which are prevalent in South Africa.

What makes this solution unique and valuable to the SuperSport Schools project, is the ability to cover multiple sport types without the need for human intervention. This is made possible by each sport type having its own unique AI algorithms. Each algorithm is uniquely created and tailored to suit the different sport types, and their various game play styles.

The AI is ever-evolving, and we are seeing constant improvements month by month in the Pixellot system’s ability to track, play by play, the different sport types we see here in South Africa. Our latest opportunity for development came in relation to rugby. The nature of the game required exclusive updates to the AI technology to accurately track the dynamic style of rugby. Rugby is a difficult sport for the Pixellot systems to learn, as the ball is often not visible in rucks, mauls, and scrums. However, with improvements to the AI and software of the rugby systems which came in mid-June, we will see a vast improvement in the system’s ability to track the game of rugby more accurately.

There are ever increasing opportunities for Pixellot systems to evolve and meet the challenges of the future.

“AI is neither good nor evil. It’s a tool. It’s a technology for us to use.”

– Oren Etzioni

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SuperSport Schools is the home of Craven Week 

Catch all the action from the 2022 U18 Craven Week on the SuperSport Schools app. To make it  even sweeter, we have ALL the Craven Week matches from 2015 – 2019 available to view on demand on our app. Happy Viewing! 

Telkom Junior Netball Champs

The Telkom Junior Netball Champs hosted by General Hertzog High School in Witbank provided excitement and camaraderie amongst the more than 1200 players participating. SuperSport Schools broadcast hundreds of matches from the event giving the next generation their time to shine. 

Hockey IPT Fever

The 2022 edition of the SA Schools Hockey U13, U16 and U18 National IPT’s set Stellenbosch alight with entertaining action from the best youth hockey players in the country. The SA U18 girls and boys proudly carried the flag high with Test series wins against neighbours Namibia to cap off a successful month of youth hockey action. All matches from the weeks and the Test series’ are available to watch on demand on the app. 

SuperSport Schools Showcase

n an unprecedented move to give rising stars an opportunity to shine on the biggest stage, SuperSport will be broadcasting three school sport matches each Wednesday on SuperSport Variety 209 from 14h00 – 17h00. Be sure to tune in, it could be your team on the World of Champions.

Engen Knockout Challenge a hit

The iconic Engen Knockout Challenge made its debut on our platform with the three regional finals in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal providing thrilling girls and boys football action. The following teams will contest the Final in October after winning their respective regions –

  • Gauteng Winners – University of Johannesburg and Kaizer Chiefs
  • Western Cape Winners – Cape Town City Roses and Cape Town City FC
  • KwaZulu-Natal Winners – Midlands Academy and Sunflower FC

Rugby Weeks take centre stage  

The annual SARU Youth Weeks made a return to the field following a two year break due to covid and it was exciting to have our cameras there to capture the action. The action on show at the U13, U16 Grant Khomo, LSEN, Academy Week and Girls U16 and U18 weeks was thrilling, giving a positive glimpse of the future of South African rugby. Well done to the teams who had a successful run.


In this month’s newsletter, we caught up with Jurenzo ‘the boogieman’ Julius. With his strong attacking game and skills, he has made himself a standout performer for Paul Roos Gymnasium down in the Western Cape.  

1. How did you end up in South Africa?

I was scouted by one of the Western Province rugby officials during craven week in 2017 when I was playing for Namibia. I was awarded a scholarship at Paul Roos at the end of 2018 when I was in grade 8 after my father approved the move, which means I started in grade 9.

2. What do you love about Paul Roos Gymnasium?

It is a great school with an awesome culture. I learned a lot so far coming from Namibia. You learn lot about yourself, what you stand for and your values as a person.

3. How did your parents feel about you wanting to take up Rugby as a career?

My dad always wanted me to play Rugby, since he was also into the sport. I am his only son and he is very supportive and so is my mother together with my siblings.

4. What’s your favourite position?

I love playing outside centre (number 13) because I get to create space and opportunities but my coaches said I would also make it as a fullback (number 15) because of my skills.

5. How did you get the nickname, “The Boogieman”?

One of my friends gave me that name back in primary school in Namibia. I found the name interesting and decided to stick with it.  

6. Which school do you enjoy playing against?

I enjoyed playing against Grey College, which was once, and coming against Paarl Gimnasium is tough.


Our Believe Perform Mental Health theme for this edition: Building Exam confidence. We all know how difficult it can be to balance school work and playing sport. This month we will be focusing on giving our learners and community the tools to find the balance and to prepare for the exam period successfully. Wishing everyone a successful exam month.


Our Superfan this edition goes to Oom Piet from Grey College. He has been a stalwart supporter at Grey College for many years, passion and dedication personified.

What’s the deal with loadshedding

With our mission to allow as many young athletes their time to shine, we are streaming from hundreds of locations across the country each week. Rolling Loadshedding powercuts have affected our coverage throughout the country. Sadly, it’s not possible for us to source alternative power units (generators etc) or connectivity alternatives when operating at such scale.

We have subsequently put the following cost effective measures in place to ensure we minimise the disruption to our coverage as much as possible.

Solar Panels + Battery Pack solution – This solution will include 2 solar panels and the CPS3000 battery pack solution to provide power to the camera for a minimum of 4 hours up time.

Point-To-Point – Extended Tower – This solution provides internet to 2 locations due to the distance of these locations; we are able to install at both locations a Point-To-Point which will provide internet between both.



We are delighted to welcome the following schools to SuperSport Schools. Make sure you follow their profiles on our app so you never miss any of their matches throughout the season.

Some snaps of our production teams around the country working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you the matches you care about the most.


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