We are as frustrated as you are with the load-shedding currently being implemented across South Africa. The frequency of this varies according to the severity set by Eskom and, this is likely to continue for quite some time. Unfortunately, this situation impacts our ability to deliver you all the school sport, that you care about most.


Our mission is to provide the opportunity for young athletes to shine. Each week, we stream from hundreds of locations across the country. It’s fair to say that at any point over the next few weeks our broadcasts will be impacted by load-shedding. It’s sadly not possible for us to source alternative power units and connectivity alternatives, when operating at such scale.

In order for us to broadcast LIVE sport on our App, we need power and sufficient connectivity at multiple locations, specifically at source AND where you are located when downloading these matches. Each location has a different load-shedding schedule, that changes regularly.

We need the venues to have a consistent power supply to enable the camera’s and video processing unit to capture our fixtures. Then the video stream is sent and stored in our cloud-based servers, this requires adequate internet connectivity at both ends, which unfortunately is massively impacted by the current levels of severe load-shedding.

Our App and Website pulls this stream from the cloud, enabling you to access the app and watch your preferred game, again requiring adequate connectivity at your end to do so. Connectivity and power are vital at every stage of this process to enable us to stream LIVE.

The SuperSport Schools team are working tirelessly to broadcast as many matches as possible. We have ensured that our App and our servers remain stable, and will not crash with intermittent power. Where matches are effected by power and connectivity outages, we upload all these games to our App once power and connectivity are restored.

You may need to allow up to 3-6 hours for us to upload these affected matches, which can then be viewed on demand. We expect that this time will decrease as we find ways to minimize the impact of load shedding on our streams. However, we are unable to ensure adequate connectivity and power at each of the other six access points. This will mean that at times we will be unable to stream LIVE and in some cases the raw at source footage may also be affected.