Convenience and value-added services to watch your loved ones this winter

How do we lead meaningful change in the post pandemic School Sport industry?

Come together with other global School Sport experts to share innovation, learn from each other, build relationships and spark new ideas to help every child benefit from school sport.

We will use technology to create content across a wide range of learning styles (no more sitting in a dark room for 4 hours at a time – this is personalised learning).

Why attend: 

DISCOVER best practice models on offer in the world of youth sport

SHOWCASE development of technology in youth sport performance

COLLABORATE with key stakeholders networks

EXPLORE scientific-based research and innovation

Who will attend: 

  • School teachers Principles & Suppliers (Model C / Private / Government).
  • Suppliers (Sponsors)
  • Media
  • SuperSport School Partners

Date: 22-23 September 2022

Venue: Supersport Park, Centurion

Price: R1,899.00 (incl VAT)